YesYouCan Chocolate & Orange Cake is made with cacao and real orange flavour. It's low in sodium, vegan, and reduced sugar.


Cake Mix: Gluten Free Flours (Maize Starch, Maize, Rice, Potato Starch), Unrefined Rapadura Sugar, Polydextrose (Fibre), Cacao Powder (5%), Vegetable Oil (RSPO IP Certified), Emulsifiers (475), Raising Agents (500, 501ii, 575), Orange Peel (0.8%), Thickeners (Guar Gum (412), Xanthan Gum (415), Cellulose (464, 466)), Apple Fibre, Natural Orange Oil, Natural Chocolate Flavour.

Icing: Icing Sugar, Polydextrose (Fibre) Cacao Powder (5%), Cacao Nibs, Thickeners (Xanthan Gum (415)), Natural Orange Oil. 


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Chocolate & Orange Cake Recipe
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Daphne Goh

A delicate, silky-smooth and velvety quality cake that is super easy to make at home and you definitely can’t tell its gluten free. It stays in shape after removing from the oven and when slicing. It even taste good after refrigeration. The blend of chocolate and orange flavour is a well-loved cake recipe mix by many and normally found in good bakeries in gluten version or you will need to make at home from scratch for a gluten free version. Having this decadent reduced sugar cake that is not only gluten free but healthy, diabetic friendly as its low in sugar, allergy friendly and scrumptious too, is such an indulgent at home. Yum! A guilt-free treat indeed. Impress your family and friends especially if they are coeliacs and/or on a restricted diet, when they come visit you at home whether planned or surprise visits, this gourmet cake will be ready in less than an hour and sure to delight them.

Zoe Bentley

Here is my creation from 'yes you can' chocolate and orange cake. It's light and fluffy, tastes just like a Jaffa! I seriously loved it, can't tell its gluten free. A little more orange oil and some chocolate chips in the mix wouldn't go astray to make it that little bit more moist! I used the icing as a dipping sauce and it's wonderful! 


Hi there, I just wanted to take a moment out of my da to hopefully brighten yours by telling you how much i love your cake mixes! I've always loved to bake and I prefer to bake from scratch so I'm usually hesitant to try cake mixes but after some health issues in recent years I've had to go gluten free and GF baking can be tedious (and expensive) with all the different ingredients. So I've recently tied a few different GF cake mixes but I was lown away by yours! It was packed full of delicious flavour and didn't leave that awful fake taste in my mouth that most cake mixes have. So I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a wonderful product and for putting the joy back into my baking :)

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