YesYouCan Apple & Cinnamon Muffin Mix has reduced sugar, low in sodium & excellent source of fibre. It is made with real fruit and brown sugar.

  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Egg Free
  • Soy Free
  • Nut Free
  • GMO Free
  • Low FODMAP
  • No Artificial Flavours and Colours

Apple & Cinnamon Muffin Mix 400g

$6.00 Regular Price
$5.40Sale Price
  • Ingredients: Gluten free flours(maize starch, maize, tapioca starch, rice), unrefined rapadura sugar, polydextrose(fibre), apple pieces(5%)(SO2 free), vegetable oil(RSOP IP certified), quinoa flakes, raising agents(500, 501ⅱ, 575), cinnamon, apple fibre, thickeers(guar gum(412), xanthan gum(415), cellulose(464,466)), natural apple flavour.


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Daphne Goh

Coconut Ice Cream Protein Shake Mix when added to vegan milk (coconut milk, rice milk or almond milk) is creamy and aromatic with a nice scent that resembles the actual delicious tropical taste of coconut ice cream. It mixed really well in the Protein Shaker with a ball whisk. However, it has a slight smell and taste of pea protein. But when added to smoothies, you will not be able to smell or taste the pea protein at all. I love the fact that this particular Coconut Ice Cream Flavour is enriched with pre and probiotics to support gut health. This added health benefits is unique to YesYouCan Vegan Protein Shake Mixes which make them a stand out from the rest of the vegan protein shake mixes on the market. I have made a Matcha & Mango Smoothie using this Coconut Ice Cream Flavour.

Vanilla Toffee Flavour Protein Shake Mix when mixed with vegan milk (rice or almond milk) smells like caramel vanilla cupcakes, one of my favourite desserts. It mixed well in the Protein Shaker with a ball whisk and it turns out quite smooth. With the nice fragrant of candy like toffee and sweet vanilla, the taste of pea protein is mild. This flavour is great to add to smoothies and it is enriched with calcium and vitamin D which work collectively to promote strong bones. Calcium aids in building and maintaining bones and vitamin D assists your body to absorb calcium efficiently. This added functional ingredients have health benefits which is distinctive feature of YesYouCan Vegan Protein Shake Mixes versus other vegan protein shake mixes on the market. I have made a strawberry & Banana Smoothie with this flavour

Daphne Goh

A light, soft and smooth textured bread that is so simple to make at home and you won’t even noticed that its gluten free. It keeps its shape after removing from the oven and stays intact when slicing and still taste good after refrigeration. The assortment of raspberry & coconut recipe is normally found only in a cake or cupcake, now in this sweet bread mix. This amazing Reduced Sugar bread is not only gluten free but healthy, suitable for diabetes as its low in sugar, allergens free and so delish, is such a treat to serve at home for breakfast or morning or afternoon tea time and even as a snack. A tasty and full of flavour gluten free treat for even the fussiest kids or grown up and no one can tell its gluten free too! Invite your family and friends over for morning or afternoon tea and astonish them whether they are coeliacs or on restricted diets, with this amazing gourmet and gluten free bread.

The retail price of $6 is very competitive with the mass produced supermarket gluten free bread mix but of course the quality and taste is not comparable at all, but much healthier and tastier. This is also the only Reduced Sugar gluten free bread mix on the market worldwide with flavour combination of Raspberry & Coconut. The most common gluten free bread mix on the supermarket shelves is Banana Bread Mix available in YesYouCan Classic Mix Range.

Daphne Goh

A delicate, silky-smooth and velvety quality cake that is super easy to make at home and you definitely can’t tell its gluten free. It stays in shape after removing from the oven and when slicing. It even taste good after refrigeration. The blend of chocolate and orange flavour is a well-loved cake recipe mix by many and normally found in good bakeries in gluten version or you will need to make at home from scratch for a gluten free version. Having this decadent reduced sugar cake that is not only gluten free but healthy, diabetic friendly as its low in sugar, allergy friendly and scrumptious too, is such an indulgent at home. Yum! A guilt-free treat indeed. Impress your family and friends especially if they are coeliacs and/or on a restricted diet, when they come visit you at home whether planned or surprise visits, this gourmet cake will be ready in less than an hour and sure to delight them.

Daphne Goh

I opened up their Classic packaging and unsealed the cupcake mix, it has a really lovely and aromatic smell of vanilla and the cupcake mixture is fine textured. Very straightforward and so easy to prepare, merely by following the instructions clearly stated on the back of the packaging. Preparation time is 10 minutes and baking time is 25 minutes. During the baking process, my house was filled with the creamy and mouth-watering scent of vanilla. The cupcakes batter raised well and did not collapse when removed from the oven to cool.

Matthew Grazia

Have been enjoying the high protein shake as a meal replacement for my evening meal. Have been feeling much less bloated and uncomfortable.

There ordering process went easily and smoothly. Having the PayPal option is a great advantage.

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