YesYouCan Vanilla Cupcake Mix is vegan, gluten free and indulgent. It comes with icing and sprinkles, perfect for tea parties and special occasions.

*separate sachets of sprinkles may contain traces of nuts


Cake Mix: Gluten free flours (maize flour, maize starch, rice flour, tapioca starch), sugar, vegetable palm oil (RSPO IP certified), raising agents (450, 500,575), emulsifiers (475, 433), modified tapioca starch (1412), thickeners (412, 415), fibre and natural flavours.


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Daphne Goh

I opened up their Classic packaging and unsealed the cupcake mix, it has a really lovely and aromatic smell of vanilla and the cupcake mixture is fine textured. Very straightforward and so easy to prepare, merely by following the instructions clearly stated on the back of the packaging. Preparation time is 10 minutes and baking time is 25 minutes. During the baking process, my house was filled with the creamy and mouth-watering scent of vanilla. The cupcakes batter raised well and did not collapse when removed from the oven to cool.

Tam Le

I stumbled upon their products in Bangkok & bought a lot on my trip to Australia last year. I loved the bread mixes, it’s really easy & tasted great. I also loved other cake mixes but not so much the pizza crusts which was rather stiff. The cake mixes are not as sweet as American mixes thanks God. Overall, it’s an awesome line of products!

Tesha L Cox

The vanilla cupcakes are amazing. I used eggnog in place of the water in both the mix and the frosting for a festive flavor. So moist and tasty. Nobody could tell they were gluten free. The best banana bread and cupcakes handsdown. I am hoping I can purchase more here in the US.

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